Top 10 Football Films

28 Apr 2012
by The Sports Locker
The beautiful game looks fantastic on TV, indeed Sky’s takeover of football in 1992 paved the way for a whole new era of watching from your... [More]

The End of an Era for Barcelona?

28 Apr 2012
by Will Hughes
Pep Guardiola’s decision to leave his prestigious post at FC Barcelona for a supposed sabbatical has surprised many. The success the manage... [More]

City vs United - Preview of the Title decider

28 Apr 2012
by Mehul K
      Monday’s title deciding clash between the two Manchester clubs will be both the culmination of the title race and the... [More]

What a Load of Balls

28 Apr 2012
by Chris Samson
If there was ever any evidence that companies can take any aspect of football and attempt to make it exciting and sell the hell out of it... [More]

Pep Perspective Needed

28 Apr 2012
by Adam Summerton
Pep Guardiola is the most successful manager in the history of Barcelona Football Club - thirteen trophies in four seasons is quite remarkable, b... [More]

The board are to blame for Wolves woes

28 Apr 2012
by Kristian Pugh
Over the last 18 months, Steve Morgan and co have become a perfect example of how NOT to run a football club in the premier league, and while of ... [More]

The A-Z of Pep Guardiola

28 Apr 2012
by Joe Lamb
A – Al-Ahli. The club Pep played with towards the end of his career. Could he feel this would be a nice footballing back water to chil... [More]

Is Roberto Di Matteo the man for Chelsea?

28 Apr 2012
by Tony McNab
There are a lot of opinons about whether or not Roberto Di Matteo is the man who should take charge of Chelsea next season. Although reaching the... [More]

The Thrilling Race to Europe

27 Apr 2012
by Gautam Sharma
While Milan chase Juventus for the Scudetto, the public eye is distracted by a more exciting battle currently underway in Serie A. It’s the... [More]

Harry Redknapp: Is It Time to Swap White for White?

27 Apr 2012
by Harry Hugo
England promise so much, but will probably end up flopping like Didier Drogba when he stubs his toe. Can Harry lead us to greatness at the Euros? [More]

A Lesson In Perseverance

27 Apr 2012
by Nick Sellers
How Chelsea and Bayern Munich squashed pre-match predictions. [More]

Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea: Match Analysis

27 Apr 2012
by Michael Devine
Barca had no plan B and showed signs that their tiki-taka style might need tweaking in order to stay ahead of the competition. [More]

An Appreciation of Mark Van Bommel

27 Apr 2012
by AB YEs
Milan fans nicknamed him "Boss". One of the smartest players tactically, he is the kind of player opposing fans love to hate. [More]

Is this the most chaotic pre-tournament England have ever had?

27 Apr 2012
by John McDougall
We are less than two months away from Euro 2012 and, as ever, the build-up to a major tournament for England is far from straightforward… [More]

Manchester City v Manchester United: Most Important Derby Ever?

27 Apr 2012
by Ian Jansen
Since the first Manchester derby 131 years and 164 matches ago, seldom can the game have had so much importance as the one being played on Monday [More]

Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona: How the goal was scored

27 Apr 2012
by Rawad Khoury
For my first post, I will analyze how Chelsea were able to score against Barcelona to clinch a surprising 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea... [More]

Spurs Vs Blackburn Rovers - Match Preview

27 Apr 2012
by Bert Taylor
In a week of mass turmoil for the club, it has been very hard convince myself why I and we all put ourselves through it but as my father would... [More]

A big drama that occurred in Europe

27 Apr 2012
by Raghuvarman Sampathu
The results of champions league semi finals has astonished football fans all over the world. After looking at the semi-finals draw, the entire fo... [More]

Why Spurs should welcome an approach for Harry Redknapp

26 Apr 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Has Harry taken Spurs as far as he can? Read why Tottenham should welcome the inevitable end-of-season approach from the FA for their manager. [More]