The Football Referee: The worst job in the sports world

15 Mar 2012
by Mike Newell
Spit on, called all sorts of names, having your very integrity questioned on everything you do. The life of the football referee. [More]

Who wants the Chelsea Job?

15 Mar 2012
by Third man Running
Roman Abramovich continues his Sir Alan Sugar impression at Stamford Bridge making AVB the 7th casualty of his dynasty. With the words ‘You... [More]

Euro 2012 - The Ones to Watch.

15 Mar 2012
by James Cartwright
Euro 2012 will see many players take to the elite stage for the first time. [More]

Chelsea's Cloud Within Champions League Silver Lining

15 Mar 2012
by Dave Clements
A possibly slightly cynical view on how Chelsea's win over Napoli changes their season [More]

Ain't no sunshine when Stevie's gone

14 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
It's not warm when he's away. Ain't no sunshine when he's gone. And he always gone too long any time he goes away... [More]

Liverpool 3-0 Everton

14 Mar 2012
by Jake Doyle
  The cries of You’ll Never Walk Alone rung out of another historic night at Anfield as Liverpool overcame their recent losing streak... [More]

A letter to Mr. Someone

14 Mar 2012
by Tiago Braz
Dear Mr. Someone, I have decided to write this letter because I'm an imaginative young bloke, aspiring to find a little hole in order to penetra... [More]

Top 10 Champions League Knockout Stage Matches

14 Mar 2012
by Jake Doyle
With Messi's recent demolition of Bayer Leverkusen, I look at the best Champions League two-legged knockout stage matches over the past 20 years. [More]

Swansea City: Are the Swans the Best Team in the EPL

14 Mar 2012
by Aashay Sachdeva
While most spend their time debating whether Man City or Man United are the best team in the English Premier League, the real answer could a litt... [More]

Wolverhampton Wanderers: An embarrassment on and off the pitch

14 Mar 2012
by Nick Wall
What an utter shambles Wolverhampton Wanderers have become. 5 goals thrashings, apathetical supporters, boardroom ineptitude, a managerial novice... [More]

The Poisoned Chalice of Chelsea

14 Mar 2012
by Mika Purvis
Sir Alex Ferguson has been at Manchester United for 25 years and has never looked in danger of losing his job, but at Chelsea things haven't gone... [More]

Season in the Spotlight - La Liga 1970-71

13 Mar 2012
by Chris Clements
The 1970-71 season was an exceptionally tight affair. However as the season wore on, it appeared that this was a title that nobody wanted to win. [More]

Top 10 Fattest Footballers

13 Mar 2012
by The Sports Locker
  So Britain has a weight problem. We all know that. The question is, does this translate to our national team, hindering our ability to win... [More]

The Curse of the Phantom Goal

13 Mar 2012
by Ronan OSullivan
The dreaded ‘phantom goal’ returned last weekend, but most alarmingly it reignited possibly the most predictable debate in football... [More]

King Kenny should stay, but he needs to innovate & change

13 Mar 2012
by Zaki Samsudin
Last night's performance against Sunderland was certainly one of Liverpool's worst this season. The passing was poor, movement was sluggish and... [More]

Premier League relegation scrap is too close to call

13 Mar 2012
by Carlo Guido
  As the business end of the season approaches all is to play for at both ends of the English Premier League. The blue and the red half of M... [More]

How Chelsea should line up against Napoli.

13 Mar 2012
by lord jeffery
I decided this week to move away from my usual blog. It is not the last you will hear of it I promise as I'm just as committed as when I had the ... [More]

Tomas Rosicky - A star reborn

13 Mar 2012
by Ben White
Arsenal signed Tomas Rosicky from Borussia Dortmund on a deal woth £10 million. A good deal or not? [More]

Stick or Twist? The impact of sacking a manager midseason

12 Mar 2012
by Bruce Archer
Four Premier League managers have been sacked so far this season, three from the fear of relegation and one, by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, f... [More]