Is England in Trouble?

12 Feb 2012
by Irene Hui
The departure of Capello had definitely put a lot of people in shock. No matter what the real reason is for him to come to such a decision, WHO ... [More]

Paul Gallagher is a luxury Leicester City cannot afford

12 Feb 2012
by James Sharpe
Paul Gallagher's first-half penalty and second-half free-kick saw Leicester City secure a much-needed 2-1 home win against Carling Cup finalists ... [More]

Manchester United vs Liverpool: More than just a football match

12 Feb 2012
by Matt Naylor
With more talking points than an episode of Loose Women, I question how Saturday's early kick-off will be remembered. [More]

Should Daniel Sturridge be in the England first team?

12 Feb 2012
by Aaron Jackson
Player Profile: Full Name: Daniel Andre Sturridge Age: 22 Date of birth: 1st September 1989 Former Clubs: Aston Villa & Coventry City (Both Y... [More]

Epic Balotellisms Part II

11 Feb 2012
by Umid Dey
Some more crazy stories of the legendary Mario Balotelli... [More]

Tottenham hold the key to the England job

11 Feb 2012
by John McDougall
Harry Redknapp is undoubtedly the favourite to replace Fabio Capello, but his present club and Daniel Levy hold the key to his future... [More]

Enigmatic Emile Heskey

11 Feb 2012
by Andrew Robson
An England International worth a combined £26 million in transfer fees. Yes that’s right I’m talking about the one, the only Em... [More]

Redknapp is the only way forward for England

11 Feb 2012
by Luke Lambert
Yesterday was a dramatic day for football. By midday Harry Redknapp had been cleared of tax evasion charges and as the evening drew in news filte... [More]

Would Harry be crazy to give up Spurs for England?

11 Feb 2012
by Charles Watts
So it seems that everyone agrees. For once the press and the fans are all in unison when it comes to who should be the next England manager. ... [More]

Why would anyone want to manage England?

11 Feb 2012
by James Riches
Part 1: England's managers very rarely go quietly, and a look back at their various departures makes Capello look positively tame by comparison. [More]

What are the reasons for Liverpool's goal drought?

11 Feb 2012
by Raghuvarman Sampathu
Liverpool huffed and puffed against Tottenham on Monday night, and they came excruciatingly close to blowing their top-four rivals' house... [More]

Richards favourite for England role following Capello exit?

11 Feb 2012
by Liam Hocking
Could Micah Richards benefit from the resignation of Fabio Capello as England manager, as well as the Italian's successor? [More]

The wonder of Stu?

11 Feb 2012
by dean reynolds
Pearce in 96 with his chest out, pride bursting through his veins or the sombre version from 1990, when head bowed with tears streaming down ... [More]

You wave goodbye to the trophies if you leave Manchester United

10 Feb 2012
by Andrew Robson
With Ravel Morrison departing Manchester United for West Ham it seems apt to look at how players from the past have fared since leaving Old Traff... [More]

Calcio in the Stone Age

10 Feb 2012
by Jeremy Lim
The recent continental sporting success of Italian teams must not override the need to address the country's outdated stadium policies. [More]

Are Tottenham or Harry Ready For England?

10 Feb 2012
by Pete Spencer
Now we have had the chance to sleep on the news that England is looking for a new manager, perhaps it’s time to reflect on the situation we... [More]

Which striker should England play at Euro 2012?

10 Feb 2012
by Liam Shaw
With the absence of Wayne Rooney, here I look to analyze and evaluate possible striker options for England in the Group stage of Euro 2012... [More]