Arsenal's Big Issue

20 Feb 2012
by Dan Bermingham-Shaw
Everyone agrees that there is a problem at Arsenal, but not everyone agrees as to what that problem is. [More]

A glance at the profiles of potential England managers

20 Feb 2012
by Samuel Bennett
Having seen Capello flounce out England's fans, media and footballing association have basically laid the path clear for Harry Redknapp to a... [More]

Ancelotti to blame for Chelsea's woes?

19 Feb 2012
by Mark M
The fact is, the players in that Chelsea squad could have won that double by themselves. They did not need a manager. [More]

Hell’s Kitchen - Welcome to Istanbul!

19 Feb 2012
by Akshay Mhaskar
When there is passion, there is rivalry; where there’s rivalry, there is hatred and where there is hatred, there is violence. Welcome to Istanbul [More]

Tunisian-German player Sami Khedira fuels debate about Islamists

19 Feb 2012
by James M Dorsey
This week’s arrest of three Tunisian journalists for publishing a revealing picture of a Tunisian soccer player with his girlfriend has dee... [More]

A defence of Andre Villas-Boas.

19 Feb 2012
by Barry Russell
"Andre Villas-Boas, the coach fired by Chelsea at the end of the 2011/12 season following a disappointing campaign in which the club scrambled to... [More]

Objectiveness is key when following The Arsenal

19 Feb 2012
by Reuben Lewis
Over the course of this season, where many have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, I have tended to take a more objective approach, perhaps ins... [More]

Manuel Fernandes, the Portuguese magician

19 Feb 2012
by Emre Sarigul
The ex-Everton & Valencia midfielder has been in fabulous form for Besiktas. Its time he replaces Meireles & makes the Portuguese national team [More]

Celtic Ramble

19 Feb 2012
by Mick Kane
Hail, Hail. Yesterday was a momentous day for most Celtic fan’s, the day most of us had been discussing and envisaging for a year finally a... [More]

Inter need to Deconstruct before Reconstruction

18 Feb 2012
by Tanel Tursk
Inter's Jenga game has led the faults of the team to show faster than expected and a project of deconstruction is needed before reconstruction. [More]

A false dawn for Italian football

18 Feb 2012
by Jeremy Lim
As long as A.C. Milan win and the rest of Italy doesn't, the EPL will continue to have the last laugh. [More]

The Border Between Passion and Idiocy

18 Feb 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Twitter has made the personal very public and a select few have given it a malevolent side [More]

Fan ownership - an alternative model

18 Feb 2012
by Chris Sykes
With more clubs starting to struggle economically, Chris Sykes examines an alternative model for owning and running a football club [More]

FA Cup Fifth Round Preview.

18 Feb 2012
by Jake Doyle
  Can this image be repeated? Chelsea face Birmingham in the fifth round in the hope of reaching their fifth final since the turn of the cen... [More]

Points Proven - Don't Overshadow Celtic Progress

18 Feb 2012
by Mark McClay
Disregard the ten points penalty - Rangers were on the ropes already [More]

EPPP: The Future or the Death of English football?

18 Feb 2012
by Cyrus Engineer
There have already been some huge footballing stories this year; The decline of Chelsea and Arsenal, the Suarez and Terry racism controversies, h... [More]

Human Rights Watch condemns Saudi restriction of women's sports

18 Feb 2012
by James M Dorsey
International human rights group Human Rights Watch has accused Saudi Arabia of kowtowing to assertions by the country's powerful conservative Mu... [More]

Liverpool - Can you be too loyal to your employer?

18 Feb 2012
by Matt Dunn
Aside from the antics on the pitch, at the end of the match the Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was questioned and fiercely defended his player [More]