Football Guide For Arsenal Fans

17 Oct 2011
by Abhinav
The complete, comical, lighthearted guide for Arsenal fans - don't feel speechless anymore when other fans of the top six insult our club! [More]

Super League - to be, or not to be, that IS the question

17 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Ian Ayre, Liverpool FC's Managing Director, is probably not a figure who would have crossed your radar before this week.... [More]

Ibrahimovic, a player with the quality to change a whole team

17 Oct 2011
by Ramez Nathan
After an Inter loss in Sicily (Forza Juve), the other half of the city’s fans went to the San Siro to see their favorite team play against ... [More]

England's Euro Dream - Who should make the squad?

17 Oct 2011
by Iain Fordyce
After a successful World Cup qualifying campaign the hardest choice facing Capello was who goes and who doesn’t? Days before he had to anno... [More]

TV revenue - could Liverpool's greed lead to their downfall?

16 Oct 2011
by L H
Liverpool may reap the short term benefits of Ian Ayre's overseas broadcast rights proposal. But could such plan see them fall further behind? [More]

Footballers and Charity

16 Oct 2011
by Michael Smith
The story of young Jack Marshall and his biggest supporter, Jack Wilshere, is compelling and heart felt. But are other footballers doing enough? [More]

La Liga Losing It's Luster

16 Oct 2011
by Thomas Michalakos
The Spanish top flight started off exactly how everyone expected. Real Madrid and Barcelona both had convincing victories over inferior opponents... [More]

3 Players That Will Change The Landscape Of Football

16 Oct 2011
by Conor Twomey
For ages player of the year has gone to Messi or Ronaldo. It is time for someone to change that. [More]

TV coverage and the US market

16 Oct 2011
by Alex Birch
Extended TV coverage makes the US anything but a backwater of football [More]

Africa - Football's most exciting continent

16 Oct 2011
by Chris Sykes
Over the past week, the focus was on the final round of qualification for Euro 2012. Yet qualifying for European Championships and World Cups fro... [More]

Liverpool's pursuit of global status would be at others expense

16 Oct 2011
by Sean Jones
Ian Ayre has claimed that Liverpool should be allowed to negotiate their own international TV rights and that the current model holds the Anfield... [More]

Celtic Ramble

16 Oct 2011
by Mick Kane
Not written a blog for a few weeks, I wanted time to chill out after the Hearts game, stayed off twitter for a time too as there was too much neg... [More]

Comparisons with the Class of 1988

16 Oct 2011
by Sean McCartin
Comparing the current Irish team to the side that qualified for Euro 1988 [More]

End of a two horse race

16 Oct 2011
by Vik Maan
The end seems to be close when the La Liga will end as a two horse race. Real Madrid and Barcelona have both lost points in the first six games o... [More]

Whitecaps FC make DC look out of Place

15 Oct 2011
by Gian
Vancouver currently sitting bottom of the MLS Western Conference gave another attacking and up tempo performance taking 3 points o... [More]

Away days with Arsenal 1982-86

15 Oct 2011
by Richard Butler
Here I look back of some of my memorable away trips from the early 1980's. First up is lively little jaunt to Ipswich Town in October 1982 [More]

Why I hate Manchester United

15 Oct 2011
by Richard Butler
Part One: Most Arsenal fans hate Tottenham, but not me. Here I explain where my hatred of all things Manchester United has come from... [More]

Raul Gonzalez Blanco - How He Made Me Love Football

15 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
It all seems like yesterday. June 2nd, 2002. A kid, merely 10 yrs old, sat in front of the TV, watching the World Cup group stage match between S... [More]

The Championship. The Most Underrated League in the World?

15 Oct 2011
by Michael Potts
Is the downfall of 'big clubs' leading to a better standard of second tier football? [More]

Andrew Watson, Britain's first Black player

15 Oct 2011
by Mick Kane
In May 1857 in British Guyana, a boy was born to a Scott sugar planter and a local woman. He was named Anrew Watson, and would go on to beco... [More]