Fight against Racism - Talk till you're black & blue

31 Oct 2011
by M G
The trouble with racism is that it means different things to different people. It's fine for young black guys (but not older black people it seem... [More]

The 'Postcolonial' behind the 'Premier' League

31 Oct 2011
by Rob Croton
The choice of language describing and articulating the Premier League belies, helps construct and importantly legtimates an unjust global system [More]

David Beckham - Just a brand?

31 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
With 108 caps, David Beckham is England’s most capped outfield player of all time. The style icon has been in the public eye for over ... [More]

What Major League Soccer Can Learn From Professional Wrestling

31 Oct 2011
by Joseph Zucker
Little did David Beckham know that when he moved to MLS that he was only following a trail blazed by Hulk Hogan. [More]

MLS Western Conference Playoff Preview

30 Oct 2011
by Anders Aarhus
With the wild-card round over, it’s time for conference play to start. First up is the West, stay tuned for part two that will preview the East. [More]

Newcastle United: A kingdom yearning a ruler

30 Oct 2011
by Nicholas Kituno
  Newcastle United’s unbeaten streak comes at the expense of a tidy defence both home and away, and a fresh flow of confidence. Parde... [More]

Match Report: Swansea City 3-1 Bolton Wanderers

30 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Swansea, on an unbeaten run of 4 Home games (2 wins, 2 draws) and no goals conceded at the Liberty faced a Bolton Wanderers side.... [More]

RVP's Three Stun AVB's Blues At The Bridge

30 Oct 2011
by Thomas Michalakos
  The London derby was always going to be an entertaining contest but never would you imagine it to be an eight goal thriller. The season is... [More]

7 reasons why Chelsea is losing games

30 Oct 2011
by Saket Dongre
Chelsea is losing games. First it was United, then QPR and now Arsenal. Seriously, what is wrong with the team? The players are getting along wel... [More]

Manchester City - The Harlem Globe Trotters of British Football

30 Oct 2011
by Armchair Football Fan
16 Sep, 2011: Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City side have, in football terms, gone from being the present day version of George Graham&rsqu... [More]

Is Arsenal on the way Up?

30 Oct 2011
by Scott Cordova
When the Premier League started Arsenal looked like a shell of the team that had been a regular in the top four and would have been lucky to fini... [More]

Who benefits from Lucas Barrios injury?

30 Oct 2011
by Scott Buslawski
Who benefits the most from Lucas Barrios Injury? Poland and Robert Lewandowski. Now, this is normally not the answer you would think of. Loo... [More]

The Enigma that is Joey Barton

29 Oct 2011
by Matthew Jones
JOEY Barton, love him, loathe him, you just can't ignore him. The diminutive Scouser is never far from the limelight, whether it's making th... [More]

The Day of Rapture in the England Premiership

29 Oct 2011
by Ginger Zilla
Sorry for late post Eds - I've been down the pub talking to sources and it cost me a fortune. Receipts for expenses in the post. I miss hacking [More]

Managers & Players should never go back?

29 Oct 2011
by Nick Wall
The premature, and probably unfounded, rumours that Martin O’Neill was on the brink of a fairytale return to Leicester City, after the sack... [More]

Six of the best black British footballers

29 Oct 2011
by Wayne Wiggins
Its black history month but ironically its also been a month when the issue of racism in football has raised its ugly head again, following three... [More]

Why I want City to win the League over Manchester United

29 Oct 2011
by George Rinaldi
Right, forget about Chelsea, Liverpool etc. the teams who really are the main competition for the Premier League title this year is between the t... [More]

Next move for Carlos Tevez

29 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
The incident surrounding Carlos Tevez on that fateful night in Munich last month has seemingly led to no alternative, than for the striker to lea... [More]

Celtic Ramble

29 Oct 2011
by Mick Kane
Hail, Hail. The revival continued on Wednesday night with the 4-1 win against Hibs in the league cup. After a shaky first half, where Hibs were 1... [More]

Why Ipswich Town losing one game really doesn't matter...

29 Oct 2011
by Amy Downes
It's just one game, life goes on. A statement that's taken on even more meaning following the death of MotoGP's Marco Simoncelli [More]