The Ballad of Richard Dunne

09 Sep 2011
by Seanie McNamara
As many footballers turn their backs on International football, one man answers the call with pride... [More]

What the rest of us should do...

09 Sep 2011
by Ronnie Wolman
Well now we know the score.Its a four legged race no matter what Sir Alex says. Its us, the rest of us, versus them. So I think we should not wa... [More]

Clash of the Titans: Why Barca vs Milan is much more than a game

08 Sep 2011
by Sam Lewis
18th May 1994. Mullets are still cool, Tina Turner is an American Idol, and it is 2 months before Roberto Baggio's skyward penalty gives Brazil t... [More]

Raul Meireles, a better buy than Luka Modric?

08 Sep 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Raul Meireles may have been a third of the price offered for Luka Modric, but is he a better buy? [More]

PSG Problématique

08 Sep 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
They’re the talk of Europe, but despite lying third in the table after four games, Paris-Saint-Germain have been disappointing their fans. [More]

Milan's Transfer Market: European Competitors?

08 Sep 2011
by Jack Barganier
Reinforcements were brought in this summer and CEO Galliani has stated that the squad is 'complete', but can they compete with Europe's elite? [More]

World's worst owners - The madness of George Reynolds

08 Sep 2011
by Chris Sykes
Chris Sykes kicks off a series of articles examining football's worst owners, starting with the reign of former Darlington owner George Reynolds [More]

Blackburn Rovers Not Prestigious Enough Yet

08 Sep 2011
by kraig williams
Before Ronaldinho signed with Flamengo, Blackburn Rovers announced that they were trying to sign him. It was laughable to think that Ronaldinho w... [More]

Grasp or Gasp for Inter’s Gasperini

07 Sep 2011
by George Lesses
Inter’s pre-season under newly appointed coach Gianpiero Gasperini has not been reassuring for the club’s supporters. Many football c... [More]

Is Douglas Costa the new Robinho?

07 Sep 2011
by Nathan Carr
A profile of the young Brazilian winger and comparisons to current AC Milan star Robinho... [More]

Why fickle football fans frustrate me

07 Sep 2011
by Paul Gronow
"Just for once why don't we try something new? A novel concept perhaps in football these days. It's called giving someone a chance...." [More]

International Football - Pain or Pleasure?

07 Sep 2011
by Robert Magee
Football, in today’s world, is a busy old game. With the participation in numerous competitions, some players of leading teams may be subje... [More]

Chelsea are very real title contenders

07 Sep 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Chelsea appear to have been overlooked, or even 'written-off' by a few quick fire journo's, when it's evident that a real challenge is mounting [More]

Capello's England: The Kids are Alright

07 Sep 2011
by Sam Smith
Fabio Capello has changed the outlook of English national football, here we take a look why. [More]

Gary Cook reveals his tender side

07 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
I love it when powerful people get caught with their pants down. The best bit is when they come up with fantastic excuses to try and get themselv... [More]

Daniel Levy and his Wholesale Business

07 Sep 2011
by Ronnie Wolman
At one time you know business was good, Danny bought players by the bushel... but these days times are tough, life is not easy.... We sell player... [More]

What does Arsenal have to offer?

06 Sep 2011
by Anand Saha
It is a great time to be an Arsenal player and an Arsenal fan as the visionary Wenger carries us forward and ushers in a new era. [More]

Will the new stadium bring some cheer to the Old Lady?

06 Sep 2011
by Tarun Dang
With a dismal home record last season for a side of its stature, the new stadium could be instrumental for Juventus in its return to winning ways [More]

Scott Parker's potential finally unlocked

06 Sep 2011
by John McDougall
The much-travelled midfielder is now a key member of the Three Lions set-up [More]