Celtic and Rangers in the EPL

06 Sep 2011
by Nick Wall
Why Celtic and Rangers should be in the English Premier League…   The Barclays Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has ... [More]

Arsenal FC Transfer Evaluation

05 Sep 2011
by Gooner Verse
At the end of the last season Arsenal fans were promised a “busy summer” by both the Manager and Chief Executive alike. So when, with a week to.. [More]

A British Coach Abroad: Observations of the Growth of US Soccer.

05 Sep 2011
by Adam Whitehurst
I've spent the last two summers coaching football or soccer over in the USA and thought I would write a piece discussing the growth of the sport. [More]

"Lampard not guarenteed starting place" - Capello

05 Sep 2011
by Nathan Carr
England boss Fabio Capello insists Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard isn't going to be automatically put into the starting eleven... [More]

The Lower League guide for Dummies

05 Sep 2011
by Dean Smith
A guide to the Lower Leagues for Premier League supporters [More]

Oh I Do Not Believe That, That Is Sensational...

05 Sep 2011
by Ben Thompson
It's safe to say we've seen some pretty spectacular goals scored by West Ham players over the years, here's my Top 5. [More]

Roundup of Arsenal's Transfer Acquisitions

05 Sep 2011
by Omar Almasri
I'm a massive Arsenal fan and as you all may know, the club made a number of deals in the closing stages of the transfer window. For that, I deci... [More]

Malaga CF - the new Real Madrid?

05 Sep 2011
by Nathan Carr
Malaga, the sixth largest city in Spain with a population of roughly 586, 507 people. 130km north of Africa. There were two clubs in Malaga. Mala... [More]

Owen Hargreaves: A Delicate Decision

04 Sep 2011
by Darren Hickey
When Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson decided to not offer Owen Hargreaves a new contract and let him leave the club for free the last pla... [More]

"But you've never been a professional footballer"

04 Sep 2011
by Chris Sykes
It was a late Monday and my attention was drawn to a late night football programme. Little did I know, I was about to be enraged... [More]

Danny Welbeck - the missing link

04 Sep 2011
by Sam Edmondson
Young Danny Welbeck may be the missing link in Sir Alex Ferguson's incredible career [More]

Wenger's Forgotten "Invisible Men"

04 Sep 2011
by Thierry Ennui
Arsene Wenger has forgotten about the stalwart players who helped his sexy favourites win trophies. [More]

Is Kyle Ebecilio the next Alex Song?

04 Sep 2011
by Craig Player
Arsenal youth star Kyle Ebecilio is highly regarded as one of the most talented Dutch youngsters of his generation. The Gunners beat London ... [More]

England’s Young Lions Roar In Sofia

03 Sep 2011
by Armchair Football Fan
A new look England confidently saw off Bulgaria in Sofia yesterday evening, lead by the ever impressive Wayne Rooney. Rooney, who has been in fan... [More]

The Transfer Widow

03 Sep 2011
by Freddy Gilder
The wheelings and dealings of this transfer window in the form of a delightfully entertaining poem... [More]

Are Newcastle a better team than they were last season?

03 Sep 2011
by Ben Johnson
The transfer window slammed shut on Wednesday night, with Newcastle failing to add much promised fire power to their squad. [More]

Why Man United Supporters should not blame Owen Hargreaves

03 Sep 2011
by Kaushik Krishnan
There are obviously going to be a lot of us Man United supporters who will be annoyed by Owen Hargreaves decision to sign for Man City.  On ... [More]

Panic Buys or Wonder Moves

02 Sep 2011
by Sports Journo
A critical analysis of the deadline day transfers to check whether bargains were had, or was it mostly a waste of money... [More]

What can Chelsea expect from Meireles?

02 Sep 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Meireles is not coming in as a signing for the future, but rather as a signing for the present. He is a great addition to Chelsea’s squad... [More]