Where is it all going wrong for Steve Bruce and Sunderland?

30 Sep 2011
by Michael Potts
It was all looking so promising...but life as a Sunderland fan is never, ever easy... [More]

David Beckham's misleading season at LA

30 Sep 2011
by Alex Birch
Statistics. America loves statistics. They are the sports journalist's crutch. The sports star's route to a new, improved contract. A sports anal... [More]

The Future's Bright. The Future's White

30 Sep 2011
by Dean Smith
A look at six graduates of the Tottenham academy, seizing their Europa League opportunities and potentially gaining first-team recognition. [More]

Billionaire’s playground

30 Sep 2011
by Marc Robinson
Malaga CF, Paris St-Germain and Anzhi have new owners, but are these Football Clubs just a new fad for them, or a real project of love? [More]

Tevez hinders his own chances of getting a move

30 Sep 2011
by John McDougall
The want away Argentine with his petty act has arguably done more to prolong his stay in England rather than end it [More]

Torres v Suarez

30 Sep 2011
by Stephen Murray
When Fernando Torres left Liverpool for Chelsea almost a year ago in a dramatic end to the January tranfer window, the question on every Liverpoo... [More]

The Bundesliga Boom

30 Sep 2011
by Chris Matthews
The phrase ‘German Efficiency’ has been branded around in relation to everything from cars, to public transport, to industrial produc... [More]

New look Chelsea finally moving away from Mourinho's style

29 Sep 2011
by Ben Waite
  Throughout his short career new Chelsea manager André Villas-Boas has been constantly compared to José Mourinho. The si... [More]


29 Sep 2011
by Daniele Meloni
Two games in charge, two wins: how Claudio Ranieri revived Inter and their fading stars [More]

Ireland's Euro Winning Kids of 1998 - Where Are They Now?

29 Sep 2011
by Tony Mogan
The late 90’s were an exciting period for youth football in Ireland. Despite the senior squad watching France 98 from their living rooms, E... [More]

Carlos Tevez: I’m a spoilt footballer, get me out of Manchester

29 Sep 2011
by The Cheeky Hack
  ‘Carlos, we need you. We’re two goals down to a quality Bayern Munich team. Get on there and bag us a goal or two. Help us res... [More]

Kicking of water bottle shows why Suarez is a winner

29 Sep 2011
by Robert Nevitt
Body Language. A term often used to backup theories of a player’s discontent. During Rafael Benitez’s last season as Liverpool manage... [More]

Being the gaffer

29 Sep 2011
by David Deakin
What you are about to read is a ongoing experiment on football fiction. I intend to write similar pieces on a weekly basis. Please use the commen... [More]

More similarities than differences

28 Sep 2011
by Luke Lambert
Arsenal and Brighton compared. Sounds ridiculous? Have a read. [More]

Joleon Lescott: From Championship to the Champions League

28 Sep 2011
by Nick Wall
As an Wolves fan, it was great to see Joleon Lescott make his Champions League debut for Manchester City in the club’s inaugural fixture ag... [More]

15 rules to change football

28 Sep 2011
by Nathan Carr
Wishful thinking: A short and sweet list of 15 rules that I think should be set for the Barclays Premier League and football in general... [More]

Tevez vs Mancini

28 Sep 2011
by Dean Smith
In the blue corner, Roberto Mancini, hardened Italian manager, and in the Blue and Black striped corner, wantaway striker Carlos Tevez. [More]

Dysfunction in the City

28 Sep 2011
by Scott Buslawski
A storybook ending for Manchester City! Fairy tales can be so predictable. City was full of swagger and confidence when they traveled to Munich t... [More]