2011/12 EPL Season Predictions

11 Aug 2011
by Peter Hands
It is THAT time again, time to have a good hard look at every teams prospects ahead of the new Premier League campaign… [More]

West Midlands power balance swinging towards the Black Country?

11 Aug 2011
by John McDougall
The relegation of the Blues and the underachievement of Villa against an optimistic Wolves and West Brom. [More]

Chicago Fire's trip to Vancouver is nothing but Hassli

11 Aug 2011
by Gian
A candle in the wind performance from Chicago Fire makes an afternoon of car crash soccer...An attacking and physically strong Whitecaps side put... [More]

No Everton Investment Could See Moyes Depart For New Pastures

11 Aug 2011
by Barrie White
With a lack of investment in club and squad, could this be the season David Moyes ends his Goodison association? [More]

United Wins Shield. Who Cares?

11 Aug 2011
by Scott Cordova
I have always looked forward to the Community Shield ever since I first heard of it. It is an interesting match in that it is looked forward to a... [More]

The Most Important Premier League Season Yet - Part Two

10 Aug 2011
by Dean Smith
Part Two of our look at the Premier League's six big hitters and the crucial season that lies ahead for each of them. [More]

Remember the name, Raheem Sterling!

10 Aug 2011
by Adam Woodhouse
Raheem Sterling has made a name for himself as one of the brightest prospects in British football since he joined Liverpool in February 2010. [More]

Can Footballers and their Clubs' help halt the Riots?

10 Aug 2011
by Kieran Buxton
With the unrest in London blighting the sporting calendar, should footballers and their clubs' use their high profiles to appeal for calm? [More]

Swansea need a Plan B to survive

10 Aug 2011
by Curtis Arms-Williams
The Swans have earned a reputation as a great passing team, but is that enough to build into a regular Premiership side? [More]

Is FIFA responsible for the boom in player transfer fees?

10 Aug 2011
by Samuel Confortola
Since Ronaldo's record breaking move from Manchester United to Real Madrid for £80m, the fee clubs have to pay to buy a player have been on... [More]

Much Ado About A 33 Year Old Manager

10 Aug 2011
by Adekojo Idris
Four trophies – the Portuguese Super Cup, the Liga, the UEFA Europa League and the Portuguese Cup – in 2010/11 represented a stunnin... [More]

Managers in ‘The Modern Game’

09 Aug 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
A study of the relationship between football clubs and their managers [More]

Matt Murray - the best goalkeeper England never had

09 Aug 2011
by Nick Wall
    I recently read a heart warming book called ‘I’m Not Really Here’ which is an autobiography of former footballer ... [More]

Investment in Youth at Newcastle

09 Aug 2011
by KeithR Toon
With the Joey Barton situation dominating the mainstream media, opinion among fans is massively divided.  In fact in all my years as a supp... [More]

Goalkeepers... A Special Breed

09 Aug 2011
by John Quigley
They don’t have to be bonkers but it might help their cause. Who would want to be a goalkeeper? The last line of defence. Make a mistake an... [More]

A blast from the past: Division One 2003-04 season.

09 Aug 2011
by Sam Gascoyne
This is an article covering the 2003-04 season in the old Nationwide Division One back when Wimbledon were a real team & Rotherham were good! [More]

Arsene Wenger - A footballing Enigma

08 Aug 2011
by Aldo Jones
The sad thing about this is that there as been no justifiable evidence since 2004 to suggest Arsenal could maintain a proper go at the title. [More]

10 Reasons To Celebrate The Return of the Football Season

08 Aug 2011
by User
After what feels like no time at all, it’s time for football to take full control of the sporting agenda once again. [More]

Manchester City and The Fair Play Game

08 Aug 2011
by Aldo Jones
The point is Manchester City by some are seen by us an upstart but they are not going away [More]