With Adebayor, Tottenham could push for fourth place

25 Aug 2011
by Alexander Nathan
The Premier League is becoming increasingly difficult for Tottenham Hotspurs. The team that finished fourth and reached the Champions League two ... [More]

The final piece in Milan's jigsaw

24 Aug 2011
by Gautam Sharma
Over the last 12 months, Milan have been building a team which can bring back the glory days... and with Mister X, the final piece falls in place [More]

Is a Director of Football really the answer to Arsenal's woes?

24 Aug 2011
by Gooner Verse
Can a manager be bigger than the club? In most cases the answer would be an absolutely, unquestionably and resounding YES. However... [More]

Celtic Ramble

24 Aug 2011
by Mick Kane
Hail, Hail. Last week I wrote of the hope of 3 wins in the next week, these being at home I was more than hopeful. It started off well enough wit... [More]

A review of 'The Smell of Football'

23 Aug 2011
by Alastair Moncrieff
"Writer of the Month" Alastair Moncrieff was given the opportunity to represent FootballSpeak to interview Mick Rathbone & review his book... [More]

Time to say au revoir to Le Professeur?

23 Aug 2011
by The Arsenal Feed
In the wake of much questioning of Wenger's managerial ability, I turn Jekyll & Hyde to explore to what extent the criticism of him is valid [More]

Eight South American Imports To Watch For In Europe This Season

23 Aug 2011
by Nick Dorrington
South American players make their way over to Europe in their bucketloads each season. Some establish themselves in smaller leagues before moving... [More]

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

23 Aug 2011
by John McDougall
The maestro nurtured at La Masia vs the most expensive player of all time [More]

Fergie: through the years

22 Aug 2011
by Peter Keighery
A look at Alex Ferguson's career at Manchester United. From 1986 - 2011. [More]

Timbers have their picnic as Whitecaps FC go into the woods

22 Aug 2011
by Gian
Portland Timbers 2 - 1 Vancouver Whitecaps FCJust like Henry David Thoreau going into Walden Lake, the Whitecaps were ready with axes in hand to ... [More]

Why Are Goalkeepers Often Being Underrated?

22 Aug 2011
by Irene Hui
The debate about goalkeepers or defenders being underrated has been going on for many years, but let’s put the defenders aside for today, ... [More]

What is the best formation?

22 Aug 2011
by Elijah Sofoluke
Formations. How your team is going set up against the steel of Chelsea or the bounce back ability of Manchester United or the Possession Catenacc... [More]

A Jol-ly Worrying Start

21 Aug 2011
by Ian Reynolds
After three consecutive successful seasons at Fulham under Hodgson and Hughes, is Jol struggling to continue this trend? [More]

If City Do Sign Nasri, Can Mancini Keep His Players Happy?

21 Aug 2011
by Morgan Evans
Now there's no doubt Manchester City have a team of class players, but is there such thing as having too many of these in the squad? It sounds st... [More]

The Misconception of Value in the Transfer Market

21 Aug 2011
by Elijah Sofoluke
After the buy of the season, Javier Hernandez, clubs have been trying to find the next player that can be bought for a nominal fee and get a mass... [More]

Should we commend players who say sorry? And do we really care?

21 Aug 2011
by Ivan Rackham
So Joey Barton has said sorry. Again. He has apologised for his over-reaction in last week’s game against Arsenal. So isn't that a good thing? [More]

The Inverted Winger

21 Aug 2011
by Elijah Sofoluke
A typical winger hugs the touchline and delivers cross after cross for the strikers to attack and get a goal from. The normal term is 'getting ch... [More]

How can you improve on perfection?

20 Aug 2011
by Conor McEvoy
Barcelona under Pep Guardiola have reached previously unimaginable levels of excellence- but have they peaked? [More]

The Revolutionary Kind

20 Aug 2011
by Matt Ranger
It's comforting to have something familiar to cling to as we head towards the great footballing unknown. Me? I'm clinging to Joey Barton... [More]