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Time to say au revoir to Le Professeur?

23 Aug 2011
by The Arsenal Feed
In the wake of much questioning of Wenger's managerial ability, I turn Jekyll & Hyde to explore to what extent the criticism of him is valid [More]

Time for a change?

12 Aug 2011
by The Arsenal Feed
With Cesc heading for the exit doors and a 7th season without a trophy on the cards, should wholesale changes be brought about the club? [More]

Why the decision to keep Nasri is so significant.

25 Jul 2011
by The Arsenal Feed
As Arsenal announce their decision to run down Nasri's contract, I explore how genius - or catastrophic- the decision could prove to be. [More]

A little bit of perspective

22 Jul 2011
by The Arsenal Feed
Its all a little doom and gloom in the red half of North London... or is it? [More]

Wenger's flawed philosophy?

06 Jul 2011
by The Arsenal Feed
Its been 6 years now and with little chance of the drought ending, what is wrong with the Arsenal master plan? [More]