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Rise and Fall of Wesley Sneijder

15 Aug 2013
by Javier Zanetti
On June, Netherland natioanal team have a tour to Indonesia. It supposed to be joyful occasion with tropical sunshine, new experience in new coun... [More]

Coiling Coaches Around Europe

22 Jul 2013
by Javier Zanetti
Most transfer windows for European leagues officially opened at 1 July. Big transfer has already decorate the newsfeed, but the coaches flux arou... [More]

European Most Underrated Players

07 May 2013
by Javier Zanetti
They are important players at their club, yet they aren’t heralded as one. They do not cover the headlines like their teammates do. They lu... [More]

Positional Crossroad of Fredy Guarin

06 Feb 2013
by Javier Zanetti
After a strong start in Serie-A campaign, Inter Milan performance suffers freefall recently. But, despite the disappointing results they have got... [More]

Ctrl+C Barcelona, Ctrl+V Bayern Munich

02 Feb 2013
by Javier Zanetti
The hibernation is over. Pep had decided that he will handle the Bavarian next season. Coincidence or not, Pep chose Bayern Munich that have a lo... [More]

Why Counter Attack Is Not As Easy As We Thought?

23 Dec 2012
by Javier Zanetti
The picture above is the picture of  Herbert Chapman. Most Arsenal fans will acknowledge him, but not for most other fans. In short, he is t... [More]

Captain Of Inter's Next Generation

25 Nov 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Talking about Inter Milan means talking about Javier Zanetti and vice versa. As a captain for 13 years, he has led Nerazurri with fine performanc... [More]

Why Neymar Will Cost Barcelona Another Transfer Blooper ?

10 Sep 2012
by Javier Zanetti
It seems almost certain that Barcelona will be the next destination of the Brazillian gem, Neymar,  in 2014. Although the truth is still vag... [More]

Distortions Among Nations

08 Jul 2012
by Javier Zanetti
There is nothing eternal in this world except the change itself. How true. And no exception goes to football. Euro 2012 has been highlighting the... [More]

Review Of Prandelli’s Decisions During Euro Final

06 Jul 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Euro 2012 is over, but big question marks still linger over Prandelli. He has done a good job, very good job to bring Italy only 1 step away from... [More]

The Evolution Of The Modern Striker

10 May 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Football has undergone many changes since it was invented. In term of tactic and formation, one obvious modification is how the number of forward... [More]

Top 10 Best Inter Transfers of Moratti Era

01 May 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Last week, I analysed the Top 10 Worst Transfers of Moratti Era. But even the weakest has a strong point. Albeit Inter has done so many terrible ... [More]

Top 10 Worst Inter Transfers of the Moratti Era

26 Apr 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Since the oil tycoon Massimo Moratti took over Internazinale Milano in 1995, Inter has experienced the most turbulent era in football history. Mo... [More]

Joachim Loew, The Dilemma In Disguise

06 Apr 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Quality and quantity. Most Germans look forward to Euro 2012 with great optimism. And why not? Their revolution in young player development has a... [More]

The Legacy of "The Invincibles" of Arsenal

30 Mar 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Eight years ago, Arsenal fans celebrated their historic league title. Winning the title is always special, but the 2003/2004 season’s victo... [More]

Captain Forever

28 Mar 2012
by Javier Zanetti
In his younger days, he had everything it takes to become an accomplished full back. Electric speed, a strong and balanced body inspite of his sl... [More]

Do Football Players Really Deserve Their Big Salary?

20 Mar 2012
by Javier Zanetti
Dear readers, with your current income, how many years does it take to earn €114,000 ? Does it take 10 or 25 or 50 years ? If you answer 1... [More]

Guardianola Angel vs Demounrinho

18 Dec 2011
by Javier Zanetti
All round the world, flame of rivalry is lit up among the biggest clubs in their respective country. Inter-Juve-Milan, MU-Liverpool, Rangers-Ce... [More]