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About the Author : South African studying Sports Journalism at Uni, love all forms of sport but football is my lifes love!!! Love to write about it in any sense feel free to comment on any of my writings :)

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Articles by this Author

Sustainability, the unsung hero.

28 Mar 2012
by Joe Lovelace
With the financial shambles Rangers and Portsmouth find themselves in currently, the concept of sustainability seems to have finally reared its r... [More]

The rise and fall of Steve McClaren... wait, what rise?

29 Nov 2011
by Joe Lovelace
We could have been fooled into thinking when Steve McClaren took the Nottingham Forest job on the 13th June, it was a win win situation for club ... [More]

Money can buy you happiness

25 Nov 2011
by Joe Lovelace
Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness has clearly not seen the excitement and happiness oozing from the blue side of Manchester, which... [More]

All with just one hand shake!

24 Nov 2011
by Joe Lovelace
As we look back on last weeks happenings, there is no doubt Glen Johnson’s late winner for Liverpool against Chelsea or Newcastle’s a... [More]