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As of 19 December 2013 02:05 GMT
Favourite Club : Blackburn Rovers
About the Author : Still just 16..! A huge ManUtd fan, but lately I have developed a bigger passion for Blackburn Rovers..! BRFC all the way!

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Unsettling start at Manchester for David Moyes

24 Oct 2013
by Parth Modi
When David Moyes took charge of the great club, he started off what we all knew would be a bumpy ride. From being Sir Alex’s successor to W... [More]

A New Era At Blackburn!

03 Nov 2012
by Parth Modi
Yes, definitely, we have seen the back of the bald one, Steve Kean is pretty much gone. With his resignation, was the end of a lot of turmoil at ... [More]

Venky's - Enough is Enough!

25 Dec 2011
by Parth Modi
With All that has been going around at Ewood Park for quite some time, the worst thing is the points tally! 10 points out of a possible 51. Black... [More]

Dramatic match by Rovers, but not the perfect outcome

22 Nov 2011
by Parth Modi
Blackburn Rovers staged a real late comeback at the DW Stadium through Yakubu's penalty in the 99th minute. A draw- Not exactly what we wanted, b... [More]