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About the Author : Tom, 19 year old university student and Tranmere Rovers supporter.

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Why the UEFA fair-play regulations aren't what they appear to be

15 Sep 2012
by Tom Kenny
Will the UEFA fair-play regulations do what they are supposed to - clean up the financial side of football? [More]

Five veterans who could have their say on Euro 2012

30 May 2012
by Tom Kenny
With fans on the look out for young stars of the future to emerge could it be the older generation who have the greatest impact on Euro 2012? [More]

Why Martinez is not the right man for Liverpool

25 May 2012
by Tom Kenny
I do not believe Roberto Martinez should not be the next Liverpool manager, here is why. [More]

The Problems With Modern English Football

27 Feb 2012
by Tom Kenny
Part One: My view on some of the problems facing English football today. [More]

Ten Footballers You May Have Forgotten Exist

16 Dec 2011
by Tom Kenny
Part One: In the first of two posts I look at five footballers that I believe fans of Premier League teams may have forgotten exist. [More]

Five reasons why Chelsea will still qualify for the Last 16

24 Nov 2011
by Tom Kenny
My reasons why I believe Chelsea will have too much for Valencia at Stamford Bridge in two weeks time. [More]