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About the Author : I have followed football/soccer for my entire life. Oh yeah, and I play for Newcastle. No, not that one.

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Cannon Fodder: The Relegation Battle

15 Aug 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
A look at the Premier League's lower lights and their increasingly fascinating battle. [More]

Taking Le Tiss

03 Aug 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
A review of Southampton great Matt Le Tissier's autobiography. [More]

A Review of The Football Men

21 Jul 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
The Football Men isn't really a Simon Kuper book. There's no complex mathematical formula used to support its ideas and there is little mention o... [More]

Juventus Ready To Exorcise Demons

16 Jul 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
Five seasons have gone since Juve's relegation to Serie B, the Old Lady is on her way back up to her rightful place... [More]

Messi in Mission Impossible!

08 Jul 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
It is tragic that the career of a player as brilliant as Messi, will forever be haunted by the ghost of a past legend. Oh, what wouldn't Leo... [More]

The All Felon XI

06 Jul 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
Eleven footballers who have rubbed the law the wrong way... [More]

North London Excluded From Big Four Reunion

05 Jul 2011
by David Yaffe-Bellany
Arsenal and Tottenham are in danger of dropping out of the Premier League's top tier... [More]