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About the Author : I'm a BA Journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire and specialise in all things football. Blogging and writing about sport is key to gaining experience for use in my future career.

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Articles by this Author

Is there life after Villas Boas?

08 Jul 2011
by Ryan Wood
Andre Villas-Boas.We've seen his name scattered across every sports news channel and website over the last fortnight after his big mone... [More]

Sunderland - Ones to Watch?

06 Jul 2011
by Ryan Wood
As we watched the likes of Birmingham, Blackpool and West Ham drop out of England's top tier of football and saw Manchester United lift the ... [More]

Darren Ferguson - Saint or Sinner?

04 Jul 2011
by Ryan Wood
Son of one of the greatest football managers of all time, Darren Ferguson has big boots to fill...The Peterborough United boss rarely smiles and ... [More]

Paying The Price For English Talent

01 Jul 2011
by Ryan Wood
It's fair to say that over the past couple of years the footballing world has spent most of its time admiring Spanish football and drooling at mo... [More]