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About the Author : Adam is a freelance broadcaster working in radio & TV. As a football commentator he covers both English & European competition for several broadcasters.

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The Media's Positive Role In 'New Look' England

24 Jun 2012
by Adam Summerton
'Bwing On The Euwos! We'll See You In Ukwaine Against Fwance' 'Is England A Job For Mr. Average?' Two newspaper headlines written straight after... [More]

Hodgson's Divided A Nation & I'm On His Side

23 Jun 2012
by Adam Summerton
England top their group and qualify for the Euro 2012 quarter-finals. A sentence many didn't expect to see written this summer, and one that I su... [More]

Euro 2012 XI To Look Out For

06 Jun 2012
by Adam Summerton
There was a time when major international tournaments were the greatest shop-window available to players aspiring for a move to Europe's top le... [More]

England's Cause For Optimism

05 Jun 2012
by Adam Summerton
A ball is yet to be kicked at UEFA Euro 2012, yet already England appear, from the outside, to be imploding, as predictable as it is disappoint... [More]

Hodgson Deserves More Respect

30 Apr 2012
by Adam Summerton
 You have to hand it to the Twitter comedians...they can take the Mickey out of just about anything in 140 characters and not for the first ... [More]

Pep Perspective Needed

28 Apr 2012
by Adam Summerton
Pep Guardiola is the most successful manager in the history of Barcelona Football Club - thirteen trophies in four seasons is quite remarkable, b... [More]

Criticism Of Chelsea Is 'Anti-Football' In Itself

21 Apr 2012
by Adam Summerton
As the minutes wore on and Barcelona's frustration continued, the use of the term 'anti-football' to describe Chelsea's 1st leg performance becam... [More]

England Should End Captaincy Obsession

04 Feb 2012
by Adam Summerton
In an ideal world and in the purest terms it should be viewed as a fantastic honour to 'lead' your country, but the England captaincy had become ... [More]

Is Torres Missing His 'Father Figure'?

27 Jan 2012
by Adam Summerton
At the time of writing, Fernando Torres has gone fifteen matches without scoring a goal, his last being against Genk in the UEFA Champions League... [More]

Time For Wenger To Unleash 'Prolific' Park

28 Dec 2011
by Adam Summerton
You might be surprised to read that since the start of the current season in August, no other Premier League player has scored more senior intern... [More]

Meet The 'Dutch Piqué'

22 Dec 2011
by Adam Summerton
When I look forward to UEFA Euro 2012 the Netherlands are a side that inevitably spring to mind.The clinical finishing of van Persie, the creativ... [More]

Liverpool's 'Goal Problem' in numbers

21 Dec 2011
by Adam Summerton
Goal-scoring is the most difficult thing to do in football, it's why, by and large, strikers earn more and cost more than players in any other po... [More]

In defence of AVB

02 Nov 2011
by Adam Summerton
Chelsea's 5-3 defeat against Arsenal was one of those freak games the Premier League has produced over the years - comparable to a heavy-weight s... [More]