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About the Author : Journalist, PR consultant and European traveller. Liverpool fan for more than 45 years and yet still able to separate the dross from the drivel and point the finger when needed!

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Why is Europe so scared of FIFA?

10 Nov 2011
by M G
The rash of complaints and criticisms about FIFA and the poppy threaten to cloud the real issue about this shambolic organisation. I've never bee... [More]

Legend? You've got more than one name!

07 Nov 2011
by M G
How can you be legend with more than one name? Get real! You've either got to have an 'o' or an 'a' on the end of your name and really be labelle... [More]

PFA stands for....

02 Nov 2011
by M G
....probably not what you might think - even it is not the vulgar suggestion I may have had in mind! I have issues with the Professional Football... [More]

Fight against Racism - Talk till you're black & blue

31 Oct 2011
by M G
The trouble with racism is that it means different things to different people. It's fine for young black guys (but not older black people it seem... [More]

The Curious Case of the Cliched Cliche

28 Oct 2011
by M G
The Premier League finishes Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in the first three places. Liverpool and Arsenal will scrap for fourth... [More]