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About the Author : Second year History student at Nottingham Trent University although my real passion lies within Football Journalism. Published various articles on my blog site, feedback always welcome.

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Euro 2012 draw scenarios for England

17 Nov 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
With the updated Fifa website allowing the public to enter recent results, establishing the current world rankings, I took on the complicated tas... [More]

Preview of the Euro 2012 Play-Offs

09 Nov 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
Thursday 13th October saw the draw for the Play-Off stage of qualification for Euro 2012. The draw took place in Krakow in Poland at mid-day UK t... [More]

Can Michael Owen make Euro 2012?

05 Nov 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
  Imagine, England are in the Semi-Finals against Germany in Poland/Ukraine this summer, the game’s tied at 1-1 in the 90th min... [More]

Analysis of the contenders for England's squad in Euro 2012

01 Nov 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
England Squad With the Tournament scheduled for June 2012, the Premier League players only have this footballing year to impress Capello and his... [More]

David Beckham - Just a brand?

31 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
With 108 caps, David Beckham is England’s most capped outfield player of all time. The style icon has been in the public eye for over ... [More]

Next move for Carlos Tevez

29 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
The incident surrounding Carlos Tevez on that fateful night in Munich last month has seemingly led to no alternative, than for the striker to lea... [More]

The Carlos Tevez standoff

28 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
Friday 21st October saw Carlos Tevez attend a club disciplinary hearing amongst claims he refused to play in the Champions league tie agains... [More]

Aston Villa - A club in demise

27 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
    Since the day Martin O’Neill resigned, five days before the 2010/2011 Barclays Premier League season began, Villa fans&... [More]

Europe's New Elite

26 Oct 2011
by Sean Kilgallon
Since Abramovich’s takeover at Stamford Bridge in 2003, Chelsea have shown the world that money attracts the biggest and best players from ... [More]