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About the Author : Josh Ilan is an aspiring football journalist. He is a suffering Barnet fan and a all round football fan in general. He has written blogs for the likes of Free Bets Sports and BackPage Football

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Why Villarreal are struggling this season

30 Dec 2011
by Josh Ilan
Over the last few years, Villarreal have established themselves as a major force in Spanish football. This started in the 2004-2005 season when t... [More]

Is Diego Simeone the right man to take over at Atletico Madrid

23 Dec 2011
by Josh Ilan
With Atletico Madrid about to appoint former player Diego Simeone as manager of the club, I look at whether he is the right man for the job. [More]

Lack of managerial stability taking its toll on Serie A

20 Dec 2011
by Josh Ilan
Trigger happy Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini fired Devis Mangia the day after a 2-0 loss away to rivals Catania. Mangia was thought to be b... [More]

Top Ten underrated La Liga players

16 Nov 2011
by Josh Ilan
La Liga is home to arguably the World’s two best clubs in Barcelona and Real Madrid, and with the divide between these two clubs and the re... [More]

Montpellier surprising in Ligue 1

01 Nov 2011
by Josh Ilan
Montpellier have had a great start to the season, being in 2nd place in Ligue 1, which seemed extremely unlikely at the start of the season. [More]

Venezuelan football on the rise

23 Oct 2011
by Josh Ilan
Venezuela’s football stock has been rising not only in their continent of South America but Worldwide after an impressive year... [More]