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About the Author : A Clause 4 Socialist who gets angrier and more radical by the year.....Up against the wall,motherfuckers........Swansea City fan and ST holder,Lower West Stand

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And Then There Were 8.

22 Jun 2012
by Peter Thomas
So the Group games are completed, and what has been a fascinating Tournament thus far promises to get more interesting still. [More]

Sense and Sensibility.

18 Jun 2012
by Peter Thomas
On Friday 15th June 2012, Michael Laudrup, on his 48th birthday no less, signed on the dotted line and agreed to become the new Manager of Swa... [More]

Swansea City - A Premiership tale.

10 Jan 2012
by Peter Thomas
The Season so far for Swansea, as at halfway stage. Are they here to stay? [More]

It's another FIFA-designated "blank weekend"!

12 Nov 2011
by Peter Thomas
It's early November. Your team is a satisfying 10th in the premier League. You've just played Liverpool, at Anfield, and because of the out... [More]

Swansea City: Priorities for a Club new to the Premier League

07 Nov 2011
by Peter Thomas
When a newly promoted club joins the Premier League, as my club did via the play-offs last May, the last thing on supporters' minds is likely to ... [More]

Match Report: Swansea City 3-1 Bolton Wanderers

30 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Swansea, on an unbeaten run of 4 Home games (2 wins, 2 draws) and no goals conceded at the Liberty faced a Bolton Wanderers side.... [More]

Why football has changed for the better

26 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Does no one enjoy football anymore? Given the spectacle of top class football nowadays, how can they not? [More]

My take on Wolves v Swansea City

23 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Coming into this game as they were on losing runs of differing sorts – Wolves had lost 5 on the trot and for the Swans it was 4 consecutive... [More]

Super League - to be, or not to be, that IS the question

17 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Ian Ayre, Liverpool FC's Managing Director, is probably not a figure who would have crossed your radar before this week.... [More]

Commentators and Pundits, doncha' just love 'em?

15 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
The International break from Premiership football has allowed us sedentary armchair fans a veritable "Smorgasbord" of presentation and punditry. [More]

Divided Loyalties: Fans, players and instant gratification

12 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
When I tell you that the first time I saw the Swans play (my first view of a live Professional Football match) was Swansea Town v Leeds Utd in th... [More]

Football trumps club v country debate

11 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
In an earlier post I was happy to expound on my preference for Club football over the International experience. My visits to the Liberty to sho... [More]

Joe Allen: Swansea City’s gem continues to shine and grow….

10 Oct 2011
by Peter Thomas
Every football fan knows the feeling, and treasures it. Wishes it could happen more often, of course, regularly even, with a bit of luck. An... [More]