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About the Author : Football Speaks Own Tabloid Hack. Has access to endless sources but mostly spends time down the pub with them [at my employers, not taxpayers expense]. Twit me your story and I may do a write up

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The Day of Rapture in the England Premiership

29 Oct 2011
by Ginger Zilla
Sorry for late post Eds - I've been down the pub talking to sources and it cost me a fortune. Receipts for expenses in the post. I miss hacking [More]

Beckham Wouldn't be Seen Dead in White City

20 Oct 2011
by Ginger Zilla
A humorous piece I wrote to wind my QPR mate Smiffy up, comparing our teams plus some history on legendary stadia architect Archibald Leitch [More]

No Rooney No Cry

17 Oct 2011
by Ginger Zilla
England have an opportunity to look beyond conspiracy theory and golden boys, giving us hope we kick the Crystal Meth like obsession come June [More]

Carlos Tévez is Innocent - The Untold Story

14 Oct 2011
by Ginger Zilla
A not very serious or factual look behind the scenes of the Tévez incident, because if the papers can make stuff up so can I. [More]