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About the Author : Writer for and proud part owner of Trivela Football media. Seasoned centre-half, amateur coach in the third world, outspoken pundit.

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Mancini proving he has it all

03 Nov 2011
by Alex Hale
Mancini is not only proving his worth on the field but his management skills off it are showing signs of a truely great manager [More]

Top 10 Central Midfielders to have touched me.... not literally

13 Oct 2011
by Alex Hale
These are players who I believe to be the greatest Central Midfielders I have ever seen play. [More]

Jose Mourinho: Black Magic or a Genius

12 Oct 2011
by Alex Hale
Black magic is often used by those who do not approve of it. Black magic summons the relevant themes of football of stealing and misfortune ... [More]

Rene Higuita - From scorpian kick to slander

11 Oct 2011
by Alex Hale
Here we talk about the hirsute custodian that is Rene Higuita and his fall from grace... [More]

Top 10 Strikers to fail on the International stage

10 Oct 2011
by Alex Hale
Here are footballer's that have proved themselves at club level but never made it on the International stage... [More]

Premier Primera - Is La Liga more attractive than Premier League

09 Oct 2011
by Alex Hale
As Spain are leading the way for a new era in modern football, is the English Premier League becoming unattractive for players and fans alike? [More]

10 years since Sven ruled the world!

08 Oct 2011
by Alex Hale
Alex Hale discusses the change in attitudes from both Germany and England since that glorious night in Munich 10 years ago. Have things chan... [More]