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About the Author : An all round nice and extremely opinionated guy. Also loves Liverpool, mince pies and banter. Also, not modest at all.

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Can Di Matteo Resurrect Chelsea's Season?

15 Mar 2012
by Dan Crook
He guided Chelsea to their most importan victory of the season last night, but can Di Matteo give them something to smile about at the end of it? [More]

Could Lucas Leiva's Injury Ruin Liverpool's Season?

02 Dec 2011
by Dan Crook
  Once a man who was berated and abused by Liverpool supporters, Lucas Leiva has now become one of the most important players to the team. H... [More]

Should John Terry Captain England Again?

15 Nov 2011
by Dan Crook
John Terry's career has been littered with misdemeanours. Should he be stripped of his captaincy because of this? [More]

Can Carroll and Suarez make it work?

27 Oct 2011
by Dan Crook
Can the dream partnership that Dalglish envisioned back in January actually be a success, or is it doomed to failure? [More]

David Silva - How good can he be?

12 Oct 2011
by Dan Crook
His performance against Scotland yesterday showed how talented he really is, but can he become an even better player? [More]

Are Arsenal the Next Liverpool?

03 Oct 2011
by Dan Crook
Liverpool had a shocking start to their season last year - are Arsenal going down the same road? [More]